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Moving, working and living abroad just got simpler with our One Account. We are reimagining the traditional banking features of Store, Spend, Send and Save, for the globally mobile. And taking the stress out of their daily life, so that they have one lesser worry.

  • You can now receive & Store your salary, pension, and receive money from around the world, all of it digitally and without having to visit a bank.
  • Spend in any country in the local currency, anywhere, anytime. Money, beyond borders.
  • Behind every transfer there is a story. Send money instantly and anywhere in the world, with our best rates and no hidden fees
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  • Global Multi-Currency Account @ Singapore
  • Receive salary, pension and other receipts and Spend, Send anywhere in the world
  • 100% digital account opening and usage, no need to step inside a bank anymore
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  • Instant wire internationally and save Save upto 70-80% on fees and currency exchange
  • Sign up for recurring feature
  • Automate (customise your frequency) payments to be made back home
  • FX Rate Guarantee, get the Best Rate 3 Days before & 3 days after
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  • Spend in multiple currencies, like a local
  • Stay in complete control of card security
  • Discover cards unique to your requirements
  • Dependedant card(s) for emergency situations
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Traditional Offerings 1 Account
Minimum Balance       SGD 100,000 SGD 0
Forex Charges       SGD 1.25 SGD 0
Multi Currency      
Account Opening       Physical Digital
Monthly Charges       SGD 500 p.m. SGD 0

Global Accounts for The Globally Mobile
Expats & Non-Residents

With the advent of the flat world, why should money matters have borders and especially for those that leave their own shores for a better, brighter HOPE. With the movement of people and money comes growth, progress, prosperity, safety, security and a better world economy.

We want to be at the forefront of this change for the globally mobile, because we have seen and experienced it first hand what it is to be otherwise. We want to go beyond the transactional element and add value and enrich your journey at every step of your money matter. It needs to be personalized and contextual and not a mass-market product. We are working towards ‘Putting the customer first and thereby putting them in control so as to improve their Financial Health’


Transfer fee upto $1 Mn for early adopters


Days gaurantee, get the best FX Rates across the board


Countries supported through the platform


Costs / Fees associated with account for our early adopters

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a multi-currency account and how does it work?

    You can store, receive, send, and spend money using our One multi-currency account. This Account lets you do all of the above in multiple currencies through the same account.

  • The One Account is as similar to any Bank account to carry out bulk of your transactions. However, since we strictly abide by the regulations of the jurisdictions, there are some differences from a bank account, namely:

  • Yes, you can receive and hold multiple currencies in your One Account and that’s the real benefit, you no longer need mutliple bank accounts or carry different cards or cash. The true global One Account.

  • Think of you card as a mini-money exchange in itself. Your multi-currency card will be linked to your One Account and you can use it to spend in multiple currencies all at the click of a button and or swipe. You no longer need to carry multiple cards or foreign currency when across borders, either for leisure or work or otherwise.

  • The cost of a transfer depends on 3 factors — the holy grail (i.e. exchange rate), the method and medium used to send the money (payment method, type of transfer, intermediaries involved) and unfortunately for now, the quantum of transfer (since most of it is calculated as a %'age of amount, which in an ideal world shouldnt be so).

  • We have been through the pain ourself with high fees and exhorbitant FX charges, basically an antiquated method of sending money across borders.
    We are striving to strip off all the costs layers and arrive at the true cost of a money transfer. Whether it is the fair exchange rate, fees and premiums irrespective of the quantum, etc.


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